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For initialization the constructor needs a mix of config and draw-settings.




Optional autoAdjustOffset

autoAdjustOffset: boolean

Optional autoDetectRetina

autoDetectRetina: boolean

Optional backgroundColor

backgroundColor: string


canvas: HTMLCanvasElement | string

Optional canvasHeightFactor

canvasHeightFactor: number

Optional canvasWidthFactor

canvasWidthFactor: number

Optional cssScaleX

cssScaleX: number

Optional cssScaleY

cssScaleY: number

Optional cssUniformScale

cssUniformScale: boolean

Optional defaultCanvasHeight

defaultCanvasHeight: number

Optional defaultCanvasWidth

defaultCanvasWidth: number

Optional drawOrigin

drawOrigin: boolean

Optional drawRaster

drawRaster: boolean

Optional enableGL

enableGL: boolean

Optional enableKeys

enableKeys: boolean

Optional enableMouse

enableMouse: boolean

Optional enableMouseWheel

enableMouseWheel: boolean

Optional enableSVGExport

enableSVGExport: boolean

Optional enableTouch

enableTouch: boolean

Optional fitToParent

fitToParent: boolean

Optional fullSize

fullSize: boolean

Optional offsetAdjustXPercent

offsetAdjustXPercent: number

Optional offsetAdjustYPercent

offsetAdjustYPercent: number

Optional offsetX

offsetX: number

Optional offsetY

offsetY: number

Optional postDraw

postDraw: (draw: DrawLib<any>, fill: DrawLib<any>) => void

Type declaration

Optional preClear

preClear: () => void

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional preDraw

preDraw: (draw: DrawLib<any>, fill: DrawLib<any>) => void

Type declaration

Optional rasterAdjustFactor

rasterAdjustFactor: number

Optional rasterGrid

rasterGrid: boolean

Optional rasterScaleX

rasterScaleX: number

Optional rasterScaleY

rasterScaleY: number

Optional redrawOnResize

redrawOnResize: boolean

Optional saveFile

saveFile: () => void

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional scaleX

scaleX: number

Optional scaleY

scaleY: number

Optional setToRetina

setToRetina: () => void

Type declaration

    • (): void
    • Returns void

Optional title

title: string


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